Building brands in the real world!

We're brand ambassadors, product gurus & oh yeah, super fun to work with!

Treehouse Copenhagen is a brand experience agency that loves what we do. Our success is driven by our unquenchable desire to achieve the best outcome possible for our clients, as we continue to wholeheartedly support their brands throughout each of their campaigns with energy and passion, delivered with first-class client servicing.

Brand & experiential marketing

When it comes to delivering, Treehouse Cph sets precedence for achieving results in experiential marketing.We create standout activities, events and spaces that grow your brand and product segment. Always something to remember!

On-trade shenanigans!

From fun and memorable activation campaigns, to giveaways to visuals! Treehouse Cph strives to captivate through digital assets and a customised solution! We will equip your brand with a toolkit that features everything it needs to maximise the impact and distinguish it from the competition!

Digital meets experience!

Building brands that live in the real world can be a challenge! To solve this , Treehouse strives to find a unique, digital gateway when needed! For example competitions and loyalty programs built to drive value for customers, consumers and the brand. We are good at it!

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